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Medium: Books/Film
Fandom: [Leo Tolstoy's] Anna Karenina
Subject: Vronsky/Anna
Title: Scandalous Dance
Notes: Spoilers for Anna Karenina if you've never read the Novel or seen the 1997 film adaption.

(Gilded cages)
Medium: Books/movies
Fandom: Twilight
Subject: Vampires and werewolves
Title: Vampires & Werewolves
Notes:  Six songs each about vampires and werewolves. Not all relating to Twilight, hence it's called a "Kinda-Sorta Twilight Fanmix". For some reason, I have a lot of songs relating to vampires and werewolves, so I gathered my favorites and made a mix. Hope y'all like it.

( Sparkly vampires, glittering weeerewooolves... )
Medium: Books/Movies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Harry/Luna
Title: The Way Things Could Have Gone

( Oh, this could be magic after all... )
07 September 2009 @ 03:51 pm
Medium: Books & Movies
Fandom: Stephen King's Carrie
Subject: General
Title: The End is Here
Warnings: Heavy spoilers for both the book and film. If you've never experienced either... you really ought to.
Notes: Follows the book more closely than it does the film.

Who's getting scared now? Tell me, tell me, how does it feel? It feels so good from where I'm standing...
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Medium: Books/Movies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Luna Lovegood
Title: Weird Friendless Kid
Notes: What can I say about Luna? She's made of serious win. And those made of such amount of win deserve a fanmix.
Well, I tried to do more than just "OMG SHE'S WEIRD!" because there's actually much more depth to her than that, especially in DH, but, for the most part, I didn't. But, oh well. I hope y'all like it anyway. =)

( Weird friendless kid, you might be weird but you're not stupid )
Medium: Books/Movies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Ron/Hermione
Notes: Well, I meant to post this a couple days ago to celebrate HBP coming out, but I never got around to it. Oh well.
Anyway, this is a fanmix for my favorite OTP - Ron & Hermione! The songs are from 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th year, because those are the ones where their relationship is more broad. Also some general songs in there, too. So, um, I hope you like it!! =)

(Between us so real this unavoidable thing)
Medium: Books/Films
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Harry/Hermione
Title: Wish We Could Be More Than Friends
Notes: My very first fanmix! YAY for me!


8 song: individually uploaded + .zip
Medium: Books/Plays
Fandom: The works of Shakespeare
Title: Trip Away
Warnings: None, really. Had to be split into two entries/zips for the sake of size.
Notes: One song for each play. :3

The Tragedies & Histories

The Comedies & Romances
Medium: books
Fandom: Twilight saga: New Moon
Subject: Edward/Bella
Title: My Missing Part
Warnings: spoiler-y, so if you haven't read the book I wouldn't recommend looking behind the cut!
Notes: Yayy! My first fanmix. I'm working on about 10 right now and this was the first done.
New Moon is actually my least favorite book in the saga, but I found it very inspiring and every time I hear these songs it reminds me of it. This is all Edward/Bella in Bella's point of view, except for "The Last Night". The songs are not in any order, so sorry that they jump around a bit.

[Piece of the puzzle, you're my missing part]