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Like many of the other fan soundtrack communities on livejournal, the purpose of this community is to post soundtracks for download that you have compiled from your personal collection of music. The catch here, as you might have guessed, is to post only soundtracks based on written works, ie novels, and the like.

+ If you are making an FST of a novel that has been adapted to a movie, miniseries, or TV show, make sure your FST is clearly based on the novel and not its adaptation. This generally shouldn't be a problem, but for example if the characterization of a character differs severely between book and film, lean toward book if you are making an FST.
+ We encourage more "obscure" novels. We aren't going to outright disallow FSTs of, for example, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but try to post at least one soundtrack of less popular books for each one you do of the fiction "juggernauts" so that the community isn't swamped. We like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but we like variety more!
+ Graphic novels are allowed. Comic books are not. If you can reasonably defend the medium of your inspiration as a graphic novel rather than a comic book, feel free to post.
+ Since we'd hate to exclude Shakespeare or Beowulf, plays and poems (of the epic variety) are allowed.
+ All genres of fiction and creative non-fiction are allowed. Short stories and novellas too.
+ FSTs based on one character or event in a novel rather than upon the novel as a whole are fair game.
+ Original, professionally-published fiction only, thank you.

Posting Guidelines:
+ Please post your subject line in the format: Author - Novel Title - FST Title
+ Please make a CD cover for any FST you make, whatever your skills. We like to have a pretty itunes library.
+ Please make sure your mp3s are properly formatted! Filenames should make some semblance of sense, and the file info should be properly capitalized with the correct information in your music player of choice.
+ If you can, please offer separate songs and a .zip or .rar for download.
+ Put images and spoilers behind a cut (obviously).
+ Links to a post in your personal journal are accepted, but the post in question must be public.
+ After listing the title and artist of each of the songs on your FST, please type up something to justify the inclusion of this particular song. Acceptable methods: Literal explanation of your justification ("I picked this song because. . ."), copypaste of pertinent lyrics, or a simple "theme" of the song, for example "Juliet's Suicide".
+ This is a literary community. Proofreading is appreciated.

General Rules:
+ Please comment when you download, out of courtesy to fellow members and acknowledgment of their effort. No mass driveby downloading. Join Limewire, or something.
+ No immature spats about choice of source material (IE: MARGARET ATWOOD IS A HACK, LOSER!) or choice of music (UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LIKE THE DECEMBERISTS THEY'RE WAYYYY OVERRATED!). Mature, intelligent discussion of song choice, the novels at hand or aspects thereof are completely welcome and encouraged. Definitions of "mature" and "intelligent" are at the discretion of your mods.
+ If it isn't an FST, don't post it. We are not here to help with your homework, join your rating community or hear about your personal life. If you'd like to spark discussion of your novel of choice at the bottom of your FST post, that's fine.
+ No racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. comments.
+ Don't be shy about posting! Just because we like to read does not mean we are heinous snobs. And just in case you were wondering, your moderators both read mass-market paperback romances, so don't feel like your choice of reading isn't "literary" enough.

Mods: heddychaa, bland
fanmix, for general fandom-related mixtapes.
historical_mix, for mixes about history up to the 1950s.

If you have a related community and would like to be affiliates, please email me at lel_chan @hotmail.com

Legalese: This community does not support or condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. If individual members choose to ignore the laws of their respective countries in respect to copyright and filesharing laws, this community assumes no responsibility of their actions.